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Sunday morning at 10:00am

2878A Warren Meadville Rd.

Cortland, OH 44410

Pastor Matthew Lowe

Journey Christian Church

Guidelines for May


Adhering to the following…


1. Not passing offering baskets.

2. Not passing clipboards.

3. Not passing communion trays/plates.

4. No shaking hands/hugging, etc.

5. All doors are to be propped open as people enter and exit the building.

6. No nursery, no cafe', no teens, no studies to meet physically, (online only).

7. No extra events, fellowships for the month of May.

8. No Greeters at the doors.



May 17th Mask Changes


  1. Masks will begin to be optional for each person to wear or not wear at church.

  2. Section 1, last 4 rows will be designated mask wearers only. People without masks are to not sit in the last 4 rows of section 1. People wearing masks also have the choice to sit anywhere in all sections if they are comfortable.

June Guidelines

Phase 2


1. All Bible studies may resume at church with meeting physically again, but will be held in the Fellowship Hall side at tables as we stay spread out and distant from each other.


2. Small Groups to resume in June, leaders and hosts can decide on how to conduct these.


3. Nursery to resume, Teens to resume meeting and other classes/meetings can begin again physically to meet.


4. Cafe' to resume with only beverages of water, coffee and tea. No food at this point.


5. Greeters to resume by verbally welcoming people only as they enter, no contact still.


6. June 7th will be our first Evening Journey, planning to be off sight and outdoors.


7. June 20th will be the Deeds and Dessert for all the church to participate, proceeds to go towards any shortfalls in the second quarters budget first, next to go towards the Future Fund Outdoor projects.

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